The local 7 map pack (which we refer to as Local SEO) are a set of results of businesses listed on Google maps, specific to the keywords and location of the keywords being searched for.

Ranking in the local Google map pack can make a huge increase to the traffic you are generating from organic search alone.

Additionally it makes it MUCH easier for your customers to find you!

Below is an example of exactly what a local map listing is and how the local search layout is currently working in Google:


The top few results and results on the right-side column (in the red boxes) are paid ads through Google’s Adwords program. These can be effective, but many people tend to avoid clicking them (possibly due to the idea that because a listing is paid for, it may not be the most relevant to their search).

Typically for local searches, there are 3 organic results below the sponsored ads (in the green box), but at times the map pack (in the orange box) could be directly below the sponsored ads and above the organic content.

Ranking organically (green box) and ranking in the local map pack (orange) require two totally different strategies.

There are advantages of each of the two types of listings, but the map listing is especially important for someone looking for a product or service that is in a specific location (and typically for someone who is looking for that product or service close to their home or work).

It is possible to have a listing in both the organic results and in the map pack, and we almost always advise business owners to obtain both these listings as it greatly increases the amount of traffic generated to your website.

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